International Primary School & Nursery
Riverside School, Novogorsk

Early Years Learning a Curriculum Overview

At Riverside our priority is the child and it is important to know that the curriculum begins with the child. I recognize that the environment is of great importance to promote learning and in a child of this age that their curiosity is recognized and developed. The reception classroom has been designed with the young learner in mind. Stimulation, promoting and engaging with the young learner is paramount to our learning programme.
It is critical to our learning programme that we expand the young person’s horizons in terms of what they are learning and how they learn it.

We believe in the power of reading and it is the intention of Riverside school to place emphasis on reading. Exposing the child to an array of vocabulary will be challenging but carried out in a stimulating and playful way the young learner will progress without them even realizing that they are learning.
A large part of the Early Years programme at Riverside is to create a whole and independent pupil and we do this through the promotion of manners, routines, social skills, self-management and self-awareness:

  • Using the toilet independently
  • Knowing when to wash hands
  • Being able to take responsibility for resources take care of them and tidy them away
  • Sitting at a table for snack and meal times
  • Using manners appropriately
  • Dressing and undressing independently
  • Getting along with others.

We find that we are also quite successful in their achieving these goals.

Our resources, be they the teacher or physical tools are all of the highest quality and all chosen to promote the independent learning of the child and to raise their confidence levels and develop their skills and self-awareness.
It is important for the school to work closely with the parents in order to ensure that all criteria is met and that the parents are happy with what is happening to their child. It is no accident that our school mottos are The Lighthouse Family, and Together we are unstoppable because we know without your support it would be a more difficult ‘ship to steer’.
Alongside mathematics, reading, writing, phonics etc. we believe it is important that children develop skills that will support them in their learning as they journey through school and life. For example, cutting, threading, model making, basic ICT skills, fastening their coat, walking in line, taking turns, holding a conversation, following instructions.
We have assessment tools that are on-going throughout the school year and within a few weeks of the young person being in the school an entry assessment will be carried out; this will be a summative assessment and recorded as a baseline assessment and serve as a gauge for monitoring and recording the child’s progress.


It is important to remember that Riverside is not just an international community but also we recognize the need to create a whole, unique individual who will feel comfortable anywhere because of the foundation that they will have gained here

Riverside Primary School is the right choice because we are the smart choice. Our task is to educate and to promote learning through play, games and individual targeted lessons that are designed to highlight the positives.
We welcome the input of families and want you to note that you are important because your child is important

We are the Lighthouse Family and together we are unstoppable.