Russian Curriculum

The Russian programme of Riverside School fully complies with the norms of the Federal State Educational Standard (FGOS) and is supplemented by various authors’ methodologies aimed at the harmonious and comprehensive development of the child’s personality.

School Preparation (5-7 years old)

The teachers’ work is based on the FGOS Basic Educational Model of preschool education. However, as the teaching and learning process happens in English and follows the British National Curriculum, our Russian preschool programme was slightly modified to meet the requirements of the British programme in order to maintain children’s interest in learning.

The following areas of children’s development are covered:

– Formation of maths concepts;

– Literacy (reading and writing);

– Speech development;

– Basic knowledge about our world;

– Understanding of space and time;

– General mental development (memory, logic, sensory and motor skills).

Russian Primary Education (7-12 years)

The structure and content of primary educational programme of Riverside School is fully consistent with the Federal State Educational Standard (FGOS). The teaching is based on the programmes recommended by the Ministry of Education of Russia: the 21st Century School and the School of Russia.

The main goal of the Russian programme is to give children the sufficient knowledge of the Russian language and to cover the topics of other disciplines from the Russian Curriculum.

Thoroughly planned timetable provides well-balanced combination of lessons, rest, sports and walking/playing.