Our staff

Dr. Larisa Tsekhanova

founder, inspirer and principal

Higher education:
Postgraduate doctoral degree at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), PhD in History

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), MA in International relations, diplomat with the knowledge of foreign languages (English, Spanish, Burmese)

University of London, UK, MA in Economics and Management, Burmese language

Professional retraining – Moscow Academy of Professional Competences, Manager in Education

About me: I grew up in the office of the director of the lyceum, my mother was the founder of one of the first lyceums in Russia in the late 80s of the twentieth century. She is an honored teacher and methodologist of the Russian Federation. Before the birth of my own children, I did not particularly plan to engage myself in pedagogy, plunging into Burmese studies, but, apparently, it is in my blood … The first teaching experience was while I was doing my PhD at MGIMO, then there was the tutoring experience at the University of London. It turned out that I enjoyed teaching. When my own children started a well-known primary school in London, I began to delve into the essence of British primary education. After relocating to Moscow, I decided to create my own school. Recently, quite by accident, in a conversation with a numerologist, I found out that my number is 11 and means “teacher, mentor”.

Mr. Keith Lord

Сlass Teacher of Year 1/2

Teaching experience: 20 years
Tutoring experience: 10 years
During my time as a qualified teacher, I have thoroughly enjoyed my ongoing career, which started in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. My time spend volunteering in Welsh schools, during my educational degree, helped me understand the diverse and challenging nature of teaching.
I hold two degrees in Education with English from Cardiff University and Business with management from Winchester University. Upon completing my degree, I moved to Moscow in 2013 and have since, been working as a freelance teacher for children of all ages and levels. Because of my flexibility with clients’ ages and levels, it has helped me greatly in adapting my teaching methods to both individuals and group environments.
When working in British schools, I worked in both primary and secondary schools and tutoring businesses. I encountered a wide range of children from different backgrounds, languages and learning requirements.
My interests outside of school, are running, keeping fit in the gym, cycling, walking and cooking. I also have an interest in reading, writing and poetry. The theatre and arts are also highly enjoyable forms of entertainment.
I am both highly privileged and lucky enough to enjoy my job. The main reason I decided to change my career to teaching was to make a difference in people’s lives. The aim to pass on your knowledge is a very rewarding one and it gives you a certain level of pride. I have found the experience of being a teacher a very humbling and rewarding one.
Riverside School wishes to offer the same level of excellence and commitment, and for that I highly enjoy working for them.

Mr. Blake

Year 3/4 Class Teacher

I hold the Bachelor’s Degree of Art and Design at Auckland’s Media Design School in New Zealand. MA studies expanded my range of skills into information technology and even wider towards technical engineering. Then I realised my passion in teaching primary kids and got a Diploma in Primary Teaching in the UK. My education has equipped me with the necessary methods and tools to educate primary age children in an effective and successful manner and has been backed up by my qualifications.

Students in my class enjoy an open atmosphere which fosters creativity and develops their own unique thought processes. I provide a direct approach to learning the English language by using useful vocabulary which is continually reinforced and reintroduced throughout my lessons. Comprehension of each subject is essential to success, and understanding base vocabulary is key. Progress of each pupil is recorded and analysed to ensure milestones are being met.

Teaching experience: 3 years
Tutoring experience: 5 years

Mr. Preston Pigneri

Year 5/6 Class Teacher

In New Zealand, I completed my educational degree and a postgraduate qualification at Otago and Auckland Universities, respectively. At Otago University, I also was a part-time tutor, employed by the university. I then completed three more teaching qualifications: Adult Education, Primary School Teaching, and the Cambridge CELTA at different times during my teaching career.

In my lessons students are engaged because my lessons are fun and conversational. The heart of my lessons is to conclude with discussion in small groups. This means the students leave the lesson more confident to engage in English conversation on any subject. At the beginning of my lesson, I start with eliciting the background knowledge of the students to encourage and equip them for new learning and conversational understanding of the subjects. In my lessons, students do at least 70% of the talking, with my supervision and feedback on their communication.

Teaching experience: 7 years
Tutoring experience: 10 years

Polina Kravets

Chinese language teacher.

Qialification: International Teaching of Chinese.

Education: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, China.

Teaching experience: 3 years.

I studied Chinese in China, so I my pronounciation is excellent, which is very important for teaching Chinese. I love China and the Chinese language, I pass on my passion to my students! I love teaching – since childhood, I dreamed to become a teacher, the children sense it very well and pay me back with their high results!