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Philip Roche


My teaching philosophy lies in the recognition that all students regardless of ability are unique and that the environment in which they are in should be stimulating and motivational.
As the Head Teacher at Riverside school, my role is further amplified because the philosophy that I aspire to, I want to see present in our teachers. Our teachers therefore are inspirational, they have the ability to think and design learning projects that are outside of the ‘norm’ providing unique challenges to all of our pupils and then protecting their learning as they grow. Riverside Primary school is a unique school because it embraces a progressive philosophy of learning and promotes the idea of play through learning.
The classroom should be a safe haven where the physical and the emotional act of learning can grow and prosper. Where the idea of egalitarianism is present and where the exchange of ideas and the willingness to take risks has the room to do so.
My style of headship is to provide a learning curve for our teachers and the structure that will allow them to shape and expand the British and the Russian curriculum enabling our pupils to learn and to be happy
It is my belief that for this to happen, the teacher must be willing to relinquish the role of the principal orator and step back allowing the pupil to experience a more hands-on approach to their learning. Each pupil embraces the concept of collective responsibility where all are responsible for their own learning as well as each other’s.
What I want the school to embrace is an environment that promotes development, nurtures skills and harnesses potential, helping to build the foundations, preparing them for their future learning; to achieve this, we as classroom managers need to create desire and promote potential.
My function is to nurture that development and to encourage a movement toward their own fulfilment. It is in the classroom where the magic begins, learning and fun should be paramount, development essential and happiness compulsory.
As a Head teacher, my job is to show warmth, and safety, and above all, allow for inspiration to take place. Warmth, safety, creativity, and a fundamental belief in my school and the belief that what we are doing and achieving is secure, and is above all right, for us and for the pupils
I believe that together, we are unstoppable

Philip Roche

Kayla Murphy


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